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CO2 - Laser

A special Laser ("Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation") is the pulsed carbon-dioxide laser - wavelength 10600nm, which is used in aesthetical surgery and medicine. With this device outer skin layers can be carried off with high precision without leaving any scars, like e.g. Dermoids, Naevi, verruca and similar things.

So this laser is also used to smoothen skin - even a hammer nose can be improved.

The CO2-Laser is very  skin-sparing and almost painless.

In split seconds the laser vaporized the upper skin layer, on this new smooth layer a new regenerated face-skin grows without cicatrices (see also "Dermoids").



Alexandrit - Laser

Almost painless hair excision can be done with this laser - the Epitouch 5100 works after the principle of selective photothermolysis.

The advantage of this laser (750 nm) is the fact that it is very skin sparing. The laser doesn't affect the skin but only the hair follicle. It seizes the root of a hair and permanently destroys it - admittedly several sessions are necessary (see also "hair excision").