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Pricing (medical services)

The fees for so called "medical indications" rely on the "GOÄ" (the medical fee schedule in Germany).

These liquidations will be refunded in most of the cases by all private cost units (insurances etc.).

Of course I will inform you before the treatment about the estimated costs.

Pricing (aesthetical and additional services)

Service Fee in €
Eyebrows ab 120,-
upper lip
ab 120,-
chin region
ab 180,-
face ab 310,-
fore arm
ab 180,-
upper arm
ab 180,-
chest ab 180,-
waist ab 200,-
back ab 300,-
Bikini-line (both sides) ab 225,-
Axilla (both sides) ab 225,-
upper legs ab 425,-
lower legs ab 425,-
both legs (complete) ab 800,-
Piercing (skin) 35,-
Piercing (mucosa) 70,-


All prices are valid for the first therapy session, from the second session on, the fee is 1/3 of the original price (except for piercings).

Prices are from: 1.1.2007